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 An average driver will be involved in a car accident every six to eight years guaranteed.  When it occurs you will be under a tremendous amount of stress.  That is why you need to prepare yourselves before the car wreck happens.  These tips may seem simple, but I assure you, no one does them.


Five important tips you need to know
you get into a car wreck.

Document the value of your Vehicle

Create a simple file to be stored at your office or home.  Take photos of the interior and exterior of your car on all sides, clip advertisements of your car with values on it and place all these items in the file.  You have to know the value of your vehicle for when it is stolen or totaled in a wreck; you will be able to prove how much money you lost.

Stock your Vehicle with Emergency Supplies

Flashlights, Flares, Gallon of Water, Blanket, First Aid Kit, Jumper Cables, Cell Phone and a Tool Kit and even a Brick for breaking windows if youíre trapped.

You should have an emergency phone number card in
your glove box.


This contains a Camera with flash for taking the photos of the damage and the    scene as proof.  It contains a notebook with pencil for writing down all the information for documentation

Choose a Qualified Collision Repair Facility

Select a qualified repair facility before you need one.  This prevents getting ripped off.  Shop around and get recommendations and set things up with the company so that when you do have a wreck, your plan is already in place.

4.    Read Your Insurance Contract

Itís very exciting when you get a new car and I understand that, but that is when you are most vulnerable.  Donít just sign anything.  Read your contract, read the fine print.  There is always a section that has the smallest printed word EXCEPT.  The purpose of this is so you see all the things you think you are going to be covered for.  What you donít check is that above that list is the word EXCEPT.  We cover this, this and this EXCEPT.  Itís a trick. 

5.    Take a Defensive Driving Course and do a DRY RUN

Take a Certified Defensive Driving Training Course

In most states it will reduce your insurance by 10% and/or remove points from your license.  It will also teach you a thing or two you donít know.

Practice a Dry Run Accident with your family.


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