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The Insurance Business EXPOSED

Some insurance companies like to brag about their financial strength.

Others like to brag about who they insure.

Others like to brag about their friendly agents.

Others like to brag about their low, low prices.

Most will brag about all of the above

Yet none of that matters. There is only one reason to purchase any insurance policy:


and how they are paid

Today you have these choices:

Learn how to outsmart insurance companies by using their own rules against them!

Continue to do what you've always done and  learn a hard lesson at the worst possible time.

The insurance company you have today, or choose tomorrow, is the one you will have to live with when you suffer a loss.   Therefore, the most important decision in buying insurance is NOT how big, or who they insure, the sincerity of the agent or the price you pay. The only thing that matters is how you will be treated by this company and its adjusters  when you ask them to pay you a large sum of money.

The only way to intelligently compare insurance companies is by how they pay claims and treat victims. Not by any other means.

Their net worth means nothing if they dodge and delay paying your claim.

Updated pm 11/04/02