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We Will Pay $50.00 Reward to Get
Your Stolen Car Returned

Stolen Vehicle Recovery Plan   SM

Stolen Vehicle Recovery Plan
When your car is stolen and abandoned, how will find it or get it back?

With the Stolen Vehicle Recovery Plan's $50.00 reward decal on your car's windows, you have an excellent chance to get your car back if it is stolen 

Without this unique plan, you may never see your car again.

Can you afford to lose several thousand dollars?

When your car is stolen for a "joy ride" and then abandoned miles away or in another town, the police may never find your car. With a $50.00 reward decal on the windows and a toll free number to call, most people will call to tell us where your car is located.

Without this unique recovery plan, it may take months or more for the police to locate your car on the street or in a parking lot.

The Stolen Vehicle Recovery Plan SM . dramatically increases your chances of
finding and getting your car back.

When placed on the inside of the windows of your vehicle(s), they work!

When your car is stolen, you must report it to the authorities and then call The Plan in order for us to pay the reward.

We will pay the finder a $50.00 Reward.

Ben Franklin said
"A penny saved is a penny earned." 

We say
"20 minutes today can save you
3 day's pay later on."

vrpdecaly.jpg (30214 bytes)

The SVRP is placed inside your two rear windows for people to see.

MVC-083F.JPG (84714 bytes)

This is what your decal look like.

Plan Today

Call  1-800 THE PLAN

100 % Guaranteed
If you don't think the SVRP  is a
valuable tool, send it back and get
a refund of the purchase price.
No questions asked.

SVRP is only $19.95
Plus $4.00 postage and handling

All Major Credit Cards Accepted

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