The Plan Publishing Company Introduces


"How to Win the Insurance Claim Game"
by Ron Alford

This is the instruction book that should have come with your home or business owners insurance policy.
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Buying Insurance is as simple as writing a check.

"Collecting insurance money is like an amateur playing
tennis against 100 professionals with extra large rackets."

The insurance claim game is easier,
when you know the rules




How to stay in control of the game.
How to get everything you're entitled
How and why you should prepare a claim before the storm
An actual insurance claim from beginning to end
How to get qualified help at claim time
The opposing forces between the insured and the company
How to handle ambulance-chasing opportunity seekers
How to avoid 'dodge and delay' practices of adjusters
The 11 rights of the consumer


Inside Information previously available only to insurance executives
Tips on how to save time, money, and get what you want
Checklists, so that nothing goes undone
Milestone Chart, to see where you are at any point in time
Road map to recovery
Forms that make it really easy for you

Without a doubt, this book will educate you about insurance. It is the ultimate authority on insurance claims process. According to Nell Effron, editor of Rips & Tips national consumer newsletter, "This book contains vital information for every property owner in America. It advises people exactly what to do, when and how to do it, which is critical to full insurance restorations.

It does not matter whether you are a big business executive or a retiree living in a mobile home. You will benefit from this information."

Unfortunately, consumers have been led to believe their insurance company will step in and assist them in the claim and recovery process. "Not so!," says Effron, "insurance companies are in the business to make profits, not to help victims collect money from them. Mr. Alford communicates these facts in such a clear, concise, down to earth style, that a high school student can understand the information." All home and business owners should have this book with their policies.

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