The Owners Emergency Locator Plan

To be located when you are needed


With this bright yellow decal on your front door or window ThePlan is standing by to notify you in case there is ever a problem while you are away at work or on vacation. 

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A unique action plan to manage the vulnerabilities of home or business ownership.

Members rest easy while away at work or play, knowing that ThePlan works every day of the year as your silent guardian.

See the decal on the right. It goes on your front door or window to povide firefighters, police and others with a method of finding you in an emergency.

Without this cost effective service you will be the last person to know that you have a problem.


When it becoms necessary for the police, firefighters or neighbors to locate you in an emergency the job is easy with your Contingency Plan

Concerned people call a toll free hotline and tell us the situation. We get the information and thank them for calling. We then relay this information to you.  We never give these callers any information about any member.


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The Owners Locator Plan

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Ben Franklin said "A penny saved is a penny earned."

We know that 20 minutes today can save you 3 day's pay later on.