When You Don't Manage Your Auto Insurance, It Will Manage You!


The Owner’s Manual That Keeps You In The Driver’s Seat 

by Ron Alford

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                           This book will show you how to reduce the cost of your auto insurance, enjoy better coverage…and collect every dollar you’re entitled to when filing a claim.

 Not only that, you’ll find out everything you need to know – before, during and after an accident – to save you time and aggravation. 

Your roadmap to wreck recovery 

Anyone who’s ever been in an accident knows how much hassle is involved. Here’s your chance to take control – to plan for and recover from a wreck without becoming one yourself!  

Yes, buy this handy little guidebook today. Because it contains

everything you need to know to make the hassle go away. 


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Insurers, their commissioned Agents and Adjusters don't lke this book.

WHY?  It puts you in the drivers seat not them.

This book provides all of the "How TO" stuff you will ever need for auto insurance.

You will lean the end-to-end process ... from how to buy the right, best and cheapest  insurance to cover your losses to how to recover financially and get your vehicle back on the road in record time. With this information you will NOT waste your time, money or raise your stress levels.

This book will empower you in so many ways you will call and thank us at 1 800 The-Plan  for selling you this critical  information.

You will be able to reduce insurance costs year in and year out.

You will learn how to manage insurance agents   before you buy insurance, before you have an accident,
   before you are forced to do business with a repair company and before you need to file an insurance claim.

You will learn all of the RIGHT questions to ask before you ask "how much?"

When you are involved in a wreck you will know how to get every dime you're entitled to when filing a claim.

You will know how to buy the right insurance that is better for you than the salesperson = Agent.

You will know how to manage your time, money and grief before you are involved in a wreck.

  You will know exactly what to do BEFORE the wreck not after you are forced into the College of Emergency Knowledge.

You will lean how to avoid insurance companies who steer you to their repair companies who use imitation parts and inferior labor.

You will learn exactly how to avoid the thugs and con artists in the auto repair industry.

You will learn exactly How and why you should find the best and most qualified repair companies in your area and how to do business with them.

According to industry experts, AUTO INSURANCE TRICKS & REPAIR RIP-OFFS by Ron Alford, is a warehouse of no-holds-barred, quality information that should be read by every driver and kept in the glove box of every car.

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