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 After A Fire

In order to assist you in this time of need, Disaster Masters have prepared a partial list of important steps and decisions you need to make in order to protect your property and make your recovery easier and faster. It Is important to realize that your property needs to be protected from further damage, weather, vandalism and theft. 

With every decision, always use common sense and stress safety.

Contact your insurance company immediately to report your loss.

Secure your property by boarding up doors and windows (lock them or nail them shut), cover any holes to prevent later damage from rain and the elements and take thought on how to prevent entry by intruders.

Make sure all utilities are shut off (water, gas and electricity). Once these have been shut off, contact the utility companies so they can inspect the service for possible unseen damage. IMPORTANT: If you smell gas, open all windows, DO NOT turn on or off lights. Evacuate the house and call the utility company from your neighbor's house immediately. DO NOT use the phone in the house.

It is a good idea to contact your local disaster relief services such as The American Red Cross or The Salvation Army. They can assist you in making arrangements for temporary housing, food, medical or any other needs you may have.

You will need to move Your pets to a cleaner and safer environment.

If you need to leave your property, It is important to remove any valuables, identification, vital medications (if the medication was exposed to heat or smoke it should be replaced), important documents such as your insurance policies, check books, savings account books and any monies and jewelry.

Contact your local police department to notify them of your loss and your plans for lodging and phone numbers where they can reach you.
You will need to give your relocation address and phone number to your insurance company, family and friends, your mortgage company, your employer, your children's school, The Post Office (they will hold for pick up or forward your mail), the newspaper, the DMV, your bank and all your credit card numbers.

Save all receipts for any money you spend. Your receipts are important for showing the insurance company expenses relating to your loss and for verifying any losses claimed on your federal income tax filing.

Do not use your household vacuum cleaner to remove water. Do not use TV's or other appliances while standing on wet carpet or floors. And do not turn on light fixtures or ceiling tans it the ceiling is wet. You will want to stay out of rooms where the ceiling is sagging until the water causing this condition has been released.

Do not throw away any burned household items. These items should be inventoried and kept as proof. Do not throw away any burned household items until you have negotiated a settlement amount with your insurance company for the burned items. 

Do not try to clean salvageable furnishings, clothes, walls, ceilings, floors, etc... until a Certified Restoration Professional can evaluate the damage.

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