The Consumer's Action Plan .......  Your Personal Contingency Assistant

A wise choice for consumers who own property, vehicles or any kind of business.  


bd10267_.gif (311 bytes)is a "Personal Contingency Plan" that will  make your life easier, less complicated and less expensive, year after year.

bd10267_.gif (311 bytes)provides you with (9) nine direct benefits and countless indirect features so that you can efficiently manage your time and money. ThePlan is guaranted to reduce your stress level and save you time, money and energy.

bd10267_.gif (311 bytes)is the most unique personal risk management and contingency plan a person can get anywhere, at any cost. GUARANTEED

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The Consumer's Action Plan

 bd10267_.gif (311 bytes)provides you with real solutions for the daily problems that eat up your time, money and energy.

      ThePlan Makes Asset Management Simple and Easier


bd10267_.gif (311 bytes)is so simple and unique that it may take a few minutes to understand it.  There is nothing like it or anything to compare it with. It simply provides a lot of stuff  in a single Plan. 

 bd10267_.gif (311 bytes)is a cooperative program funded by its members  whose minutes, hours and days are very valuable.

bd10267_.gif (311 bytes)Members of ThePlan conserve their assets, time and energy through collective problem solving strategies available to all members in the form of shared knowledge, tools, and support services.

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Membership in ThePlan Makes Living Easier thus, More Fun


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Updated: August 01, 2003
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