The Future Belongs To Those Who Plan

Here are three examples of intelligent planning.

What happens when your car is stolen for a "joy ride", and then abandoned on a street?
With The Vehicle Recovery Plan decals on your rear windows, you have a good chance to recover your car quickly.  Without this essential recovery tool, you may never recover your car.
When you are involved in an auto mishap, how can you be sure that you receive a quality repair and  full compensation?
When you don't know the tricks collision repair companies and insurance adjusters employ on consumers you have an 80% chance being ripped off.  What's worse is you probably won't know it until it is too late.  We educate our Members on how to get a quality repair and full compensation.   The Plan provides its Members with education and clout, so that it is never "just you." The Plan Members always have Clout against companies who fail to do the right job.
In a time of crisis, who do you turn to for quality information?
When you ask a friend, relative or neighbor for advice at time of crisis, you're setting yourself up for a secondary disaster. No single person has the body of knowledge or the experience to provide you with the best advice. Members of The Plan make a single Phone call to get information that has been distilled from thousands of case histories.

I'm ready to look at the BENEFITS now.


The Plan is here to help you think and plan for contingencies and, have the proper things in place to prevent the loss of your valuable time and money, improving the quality of your life!

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Updated: August 01, 2003
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