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A lone consumer who must negotiate a large claim with any insurance company is like playing tennis against 100's of players on the other side of the net.   It is totally unfair for one amateur consumer to be forced to play against hundreds of insurance professionals and the attorneys they keep on staff.

Moreover, victims suffer a secondary disaster because they don't have a functional home, office, or vehicle. This handicap induces stress on top of the financial loss and makes a victim even more vulnerable to abuse.

Until The Consumer's Action Plan was created, insurance companies, their Agents, their adjusters and assigns could abuse claimants, one person at a time, because a lone victim does not have the wherewithal to know when or how they are being misinformed.  Moreover,  one consumer does not have the clout or a method to share his travail with tens of thousands of consumers.

This abuse comes in the form of stonewalling, misinformation and delay tactics that wear a lone  claimant down to the point whereby they are willing to settle for whatever the insurance company wants to give them.

Insurance companies can easily misinform consumers, one at a time, but they can never misinform the management of The Consumer's Action Plan and expect to get away with it.

When this happens to you the only ally you may have is the government and that resolve can take months or years of your time if you are not a member of The Consumer's Action Plan.

Members of The Consumer's Action Plan notify headquarters that they are going to file a claim and the Executive Director's office forwards a letter to the Office of the President of the victims own  insurance company to assure that this claim will be given prompt, professional attention. 

The Plan's  policy is that we don't want a penny more or a penny less than the amount of our members covered loss.  And we provide support services until the claim is settled.

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Updated: August 01, 2003
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