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Mishaps always seem to happen at the worst possible time.

The Personal Coaching Plan is hard to appreciate until you need it.  However, when you need to be coached, the Personal Coaching Plan becomes the most valuable support service a member can have.

To make a point. Can you learn to use a new software program while something is really bothering you?   If not, then you are a normal person.  People can't learn anything when they have something bothering them or when they are under stress.

When a mishaps occurs, you mind reacts as if someone is yelling at you while you are trying to concentrate.

Members of The Plan  don't have to learn what to do when a mishaps occurs, they call headquarters and we "Coach" you on the proper steps to take.  Without a plan and support system you will be vulnerable to anything and everything that comes along.   Even a small amouts of sudden stress impares the best of people due to the fact that you can't do what you want to do until you get the situation under control. Only then, can you get back to normal. 

Where is help when you need help the most?


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Updated: August 01, 2003
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