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Benefit One Details

Owner's Locator

A unique action plan to manage the vulnerabilities of property ownership. Members rest easy while away at work or play, knowing that this plan works 365 days a year as your silent guardian. Click on The Owner's Locator Plan (to the left) and see the decal.  
Benefit Two Details


Available via the World Wide Web, these informative bulletins save members a great amount of time and money. This is the kind of savvy information that will help you prevent problems and protect your assets.
Benefit Three Details

College of Emergency Knowledge

When hits YOUR fan,  you will need a fast education not another problem to manage.  ThePlan provides its members with answers to the questions that you don't have time to think about today,  much less do in an emergency.

This benefit is by far, the most valuable asset you can have because ThePlan provides its members wiht  a College of Emergency Knowledge to get you up and running again.

Benefit Four Details

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

When your car is stolen then abandoned, The Plan's Stolen Automobile Locator Decals gives passers-by and the authorities a means to contact you through The Plan, so we can notify and help you.
Benefit Five Details

Claims With Clout

Members of ThePlan notify headquarters prior to filing a claim. The Executive Director's office forwards a letter to the Office of the President of the member's own insurance company to assure that this claim will be given prompt, professional attention.
Benefit Six Details

Better Service

Service providers who render quality services for members are rewarded by The Plan with recommendations. Conversely, we boycott and sometimes "get even" with service providers who fail to provide realistic expectations or hoodwink one of our members.
Benefit Seven Details

Insurance Company
Rating Plan

The Plan provides members with the only intelligent method of purchasing insurance. We teach you how to obtain written quotes from four insurance companies of your choice. We then rate those companies based on how well they pay claims. This is critical information.
Benefit Eight Details

Member Discounts

Provides members of The Consumer's Action Plan with discounts of 20% or more, on products professional services and educational materials.
Benefit Nine Details

How to Win
The Insurance Claim Game

This is the "how-to collect your due" book that should have come with your home or business insurance policy. Now it is included with your membership!

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Updated: August 01, 2003
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